Believe in music

Believe in music
7th December 2019 Dave Rose

Self doubt can often find its way into our lives as music makers. Questions about why we are doing what we do, whether we are good enough and what will happen in the future sometimes come up and that can affect our confidence, our ability to make music and our happiness.


Music is still one of those things that’s a bit hard to define. We know it’s innate, powerful and that it means something, but it’s sometimes hard to put into words. As a profession, sometimes it’s idolised and sometimes it isn’t given the same respect as a more traditional profession, like medicine. It’s just a bit … fuzzy.


Because we don’t always get feedback that we’re ‘doing the right thing’, because there is no clear path to ‘becoming a music maker’ and because there’s no pre-defined way to see how we are progressing, sometimes we feel like we’re lacking direction and even at times, that we’re not good enough.


However, there is one thing that remains clear…music means something.


This is one constant in a sea of undefined and unexplored ideas and it’s good to remind ourselves of this from time to time. If self doubt creeps in we can be comforted in the knowledge that our pursuit of making music has meaning, even if it is sometimes hard to understand.


We’re also doing something incredibly exciting. With unexplored territory comes a world of opportunity, a chance to find something new in an age of information where we believe we know so much. We’re explorers!


Know that what you are doing has meaning. Believe in music.