New Instrument: “Celesta” 😍

New Instrument: “Celesta” 😍
19th April 2018 Dave Rose

The second instrument for the Noiiz Player plugin, “Celesta” is now ready to download with a Noiiz membership! A beautiful virtual instrument that will bring intrigue, depth and other-worldly sounds to your music.


Download Celesta



The instrument is a hammer action Idiophone that users metal chimes and wooden resonators to achieve its full bodied, shimmering tone. If you think you’ve heard it before, then…



Celesta was sampled with multiple round robin and velocity layers, then mapped to the Noiiz Player for an ultra realistic playing experience. But you don’t need to know that. Just load it up, start playing and enjoy its mesmerising chimes.



Special thanks to George, Paul, Ben and Westpoint Studios for making it all happen πŸ˜€



More instruments coming soon! 😍