Connect early access timeline

Connect early access timeline
12th February 2019 Dave Rose

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how and when you can get early access to Connect so hopefully this post will help answer your questions 🙂


How to get access


  1. Sign up to the early access list at
  2. Join the Facebook Early Access group or the Noiiz Slack Channel
  3. When you join the early access list, you’ll be placed a queue
  4. You’ll be sent a special offer when you reach the top of the queue, with details of how to get access before the product is opened up to the public



Current timeline


We’re currently estimating that the first batch will be given access in mid-March 2019then more after this. We’ll be working closely with early access members in order to continue to develop Connect and timings will depend partly on progress, but you have our assurance that we are all hands on deck here, working around the clock to bring you this as soon as we can. 😊



What is ‘early access’


  • As an early access member, you’ll be granted full access to Noiiz, with unlimited downloads and full access to all products and the new Noiiz web app (currently in beta)
  • You’ll be given access to an early beta version of Connect before it’s available to the public and be encouraged to share ideas with the community and help shape how Connect evolves
  • You’ll be given a special offer as a reward for your participation, along with the right to a refund should the the product not meet your expectations
  • You’ll be granted VIP access to future products, tools and content before they go live



More questions?


Get in touch via the Facebook group or Slack channel linked to above and we’ll be on hand to answer your questions. Full steam ahead!! 🚀