Connect Modules – Everything You Need To Know

Connect Modules – Everything You Need To Know
21st January 2019 Dave Rose

Connect is the new cloud-connected plugin from Noiiz. It gives you access to the entire Noiiz library of sounds and instruments and you can also load and organise your own content.


Connect comes with expandable modules, known as Connect Modules. Here’s some information about what they are and what to expect in the future.



You can think about Connect Modules as being like apps on your phone – little applications you use to do a specific task with. Above you can see the Sampler module. This is designed to enable you to quickly explore sounds, slice & turn them into instruments then make them your own with powerful effects.



Here’s another Connect Module called Player, with a Tubular Bells instrument loaded. Player lets you play beautifully recorded virtual instruments from Noiiz.



Here’s a prototype for a new module (not yet in production) that lets you morph and modulate sound sources together to synthesise complex new sounds.

*Note, this is still in the early design phase 😊



Connect Modules + Your Membership


We’re constantly working on new Connect Modules, which means every time we release one, you’ll receive it as part of your membership with no extra charge. Our aim is to constantly inspire you by bringing new and exciting workflows to your setup via Connect Modules. ❤️



Help Build The Next Module!


One of our favourite things about Connect and Connect Modules is that it gives us an opportunity to work really closely with you, our loyal members, so that we can constantly learn, adapt and build new solutions for you. Join in the conversation and help shape what we build in the Facebook group below… 




Thanks for reading, stay tuned for an update on our roadmap for Connect to see what we’re planning to build and when. 😊