Feature Showcase – Sampler

Feature Showcase – Sampler
29th January 2019 Dave Rose

Sampler is the first module for Connect. Here’s a rundown of what it does and how it works…



What it’s all about


Sampler is about taking a sound, then making it your own. With Sampler you can browse your own sounds, or sounds on Noiiz then instantly mash them up or transform them into playable instruments. It’s fast, intuitive and frees up your time so you can focus on being creative.


Integration with the Noiiz Cloud



All modules in Connect integrate directly with the Noiiz Cloud, as well as content you already own. Here you can see an image of the browser for Connect, which lets you browse content like samples and instruments, then open them in modules like Sampler.


This workflow removes many slow, unnecessary steps, freeing up your time to focus on being creative. You have instant access to everything on the Noiiz Cloud, right from your DAW. 🚀





At the top of Sampler you can see a waveform with colourful slices. Sampler automatically slices audio and maps it to keys or pads, so you can instantly start playing, twisting and transforming the sound into your own creation.



The first tab in the middle of Sampler is where you control slicing.

  • Move the slider up and down to create more or less slices, or click the divide icon to create equal slices.
  • Click the keys icon to automatically map a selected slice to your entire keyboard = instant instrument! 😎
  • Next you have pitch and speed – you can probably guess what these do. The time stretching algorithm is pristine, so no matter how hard you manipulate it, it sounds sweet. (Btw if you didn’t guess, they change the pitch and the speed of your sample!)
  • Then we have reverse and delete, for reversing or deleting the slice.





The next tab is the envelope generator. This enables you to shape the sound with attack, decay, sustain and release controls. Currently the envelope is mapped to amplitude, but we’ll be updating this in the future to include filter, pitch and more 🙂




The playback tab enables you to set the tempo, key, playback mode and polyphony, so depending on what kind of sound you are manipulating, you can set it to respond in just the way you need it to.





Sampler comes with a powerful distortion module for adding warmth, grit or downright filth to your sound. Change drive, mix, low pass and high pass filters to get just the sound you want.





The reverb and delay sound huge and give you incredible control over the spatial position of your sounds. Change delay feedback and filtering for tape style effects and experiment with different room sizes and dampening to help the sound sit perfectly in your mix.


More effects and modulation coming 🤗


This is just the beginning. We’re already working on LFO modulation, an adaptive noise generator, more control over looping/cross fading, formant shifting and other cool stuff, coming soon in future updates.


Join the conversation in our Facebook group and let us know what features you’d like to see added. ❤️