New: Found sounds, foley and FX 🌲

New: Found sounds, foley and FX 🌲
5th March 2018 Dave Rose

Noiiz is about to get a whole lot more … noisey.


We’re excited to announce a new series of sound effects and field recording packs that are designed to add a dose of reality, familiarity and texture for musicians and act as a diverse resource of sound for the more experimental sound designers amongst you.


Today we just dropped three new titles in the series, all complimentary with your Noiiz membership of course 😍


Drums That Go Boom!


Containing samples such as ‘cabinet draw foley’, ‘car door kick’ and ‘saucepan whisk percussion’, this collection of huge sounding drums and impacts is a really unique addition. As you can probably tell, we had a lot of fun making it!


The sounds were recorded in a huge, boomy car park with all sorts of loud, percussive objects plus a few re-amped electronic samples. Designed to be used in any music that needs impact, we spent a lot of time ensuring we effectively captured the incredible ‘three dimensional’ acoustic space that just isn’t possible to recreate artificially.


Download ‘Drums That Go Boom’


Things That Go Pop!


This one does exactly as it says. Mouth pops, water droplets, balloons in echoey stairwells, popping candy and pretty much anything you can think of that goes pop. Designed for incidental effects and unique percussion sounds, you’ll have lots of fun adding some ‘pop’ to your music!


Download ‘Things That Go Pop’


Things That Go Crunch!


Crushing nutshells, broken glass, biting celery and squashing cans are just a handful of satisfyingly crunchy sounds you’ll find in this collection. Add texture to snare drums, create ear tingling rhythmic artefacts and take delight in the intricacies of all things that go crunch!


Download ‘Things That Go Crunch’




Keep your eyes peeled for more things that make noise. As always, let us know if there are any sounds you’d like us to record next.


Enjoy! ❤