Introducing Noiiz Original Content 🎉

Introducing Noiiz Original Content 🎉
29th November 2017 Dave Rose

We’re excited to announce the launch of Noiiz Original Content, a new high end series of sample libraries, preset collections and multi-sampled instruments, designed and created in house by the Noiiz Sound Design Team and select industry partners.


In our efforts to keep pushing the bar and bring you better, more inspiring material to make music with, we’ll be investing heavily in exceptionally high quality original content. Without further ado, our first release…


Sounds of China


In partnership with Lightship 95 studio in London and the UK Chinese Music Ensemble, we’re excited to bring you a beautiful and rare collection of traditional Chinese instrument phrases for the first Noiiz Original Content release – ‘Sounds of China‘.


Meticulously recorded at one of London’s finest recording studios (that also happens to be a boat!) and played by world class musicians, the result is a stunning and highly unique collection of sounds that will bring a totally new dimension to your music.



Inside the library you’ll find a selection of loops and single samples from the following instruments: Hulusi, Xiao, Dizi, Guqin, Pipa, Yangqin and Erhu. The phrases are in the style of traditional ancient music and can be combined, layered or rearranged for you to add a unique, interesting dimension to your project, whether you are looking to create a totally new sound or recreate something more traditional.



We’d like to thank everyone at Lightship 95, the UK Chinese Music Ensemble and also to Rostyslav Zagornov who was commissioned by Noiiz to create an original artwork piece, for all your hard work on making these beautiful sounds available to the world.


Look out for more Noiiz Original Content coming your way soon!


Thanks for reading ❤

Team Noiiz