Introducing the new Noiiz website!

Introducing the new Noiiz website!
25th March 2019 phil

We’ve been working closely with beta testers for the last few weeks and are excited to announce the new Noiiz website! It’s slicker, faster and has some great new features. Here’s what’s new…


My Library



All of your stuff now lives in one place! Downloads, favourites, uploads and folders are all in the new ‘My Library’ section. You can upload sounds to folders, save sounds from Noiiz, download your instruments or browse similar sounds to the ones you own. You can also change the colour of folders and personalise the appearance of your library.


Paypal Support!



Finally, we’re happy to support Paypal payments! You can now choose to pay with Paypal or credit/debit card when you check out. Sorry it took us so long! 😅


New Filters



Filters have been redesigned from the ground up so you can quickly filter content anywhere you need to with handy, more visual dropdowns. Drill down with finite detail to get exactly what you want, or browse random sounds for inspiration.


Noiiz Cloud



Noiiz Cloud is a new area on Noiiz that contains all content we release. My Library is where your stuff lives, Noiiz Cloud is where everything lives. You can browse all types of content, quickly see what’s new and save the stuff you like to your library.


Similar Sounds



Similar sounds have a new page, clearly showing the original sample and new similar sounds. Click the yellow icon on any sound, even your own uploaded sounds and you’ll see a page of sounds ordered by their similarity to the original. A small but extremely powerful feature!


Better Mobile Experience



The mobile experience is much more organised, faster and clearer on a small touchscreen. Find song ideas anywhere on your mobile, save to your library and load up in your studio later.








We hope you enjoy using the new website! We’re continuing to improve this over time so please send us your suggestions if you have any, or let us know if something doesn’t work as expected. 😎