Invite your friends to Noiiz, get $20 🎁

Invite your friends to Noiiz, get $20 🎁
3rd October 2017 Dave Rose

Since we launched earlier this year, word about Noiiz has spread organically, thanks to you, our loyal members. Up until now, we haven’t given you anything back directly for helping us out and we want to change that.


You can now earn free Noiiz credit and bonus rewards by referring friends to Noiiz! When you refer someone and they become a member, they get $20 off a Noiiz subscription and you get $20 credited to your account.


Here’s how…


1. Get your referral link

From your account menu, click on ‘Invite Friends‘ and you’ll see a page that looks something like the one above. Don’t have an account? Create a free one here



2. Ask your buddies to sign up 👋

Use the ‘Invite by email’, ‘Share on Facebook’ or ‘Share on Twitter’ buttons to spread the word, or copy the link to send any other way you like. Don’t forget to let them know that when they sign up using your link they’ll get $20 off a Noiiz Membership!



3. Earn $20 + rewards every time someone signs up!

When someone signs up using your link, you get rewarded. If they create a free account, you unlock a mystery reward. If they start a full membership, you get $20 credit! There’s no limit to how much credit you can earn at the time of writing 😮



To start earning rewards, head to your account to get your referral code. Thanks for spreading the word!