☁️ Upload your own sounds to Noiiz! ☁️

☁️ Upload your own sounds to Noiiz! ☁️
10th January 2018 Dave Rose

We’re excited to announce that you can now upload your own sounds to Noiiz!


You can upload your own sounds for your personal use (they won’t be seen by anyone else) and take advantage of all the features Noiiz has to offer. This is the first stage of our longer term plan to expand the functionality of Noiiz and give you more control and flexibility with the content you own.


Check out the Help article for more detailed information on how to upload sounds.




  • Upload sounds you own to a folder or the new ‘My Uploads’ area
  • Sounds can be added to folders with other sounds from Noiiz, or to empty folders
  • Add/delete sounds from folders or delete permanently
  • Browse and download sounds from anywhere
  • Use your sounds with the Noiiz Plugin
  • Use powerful features like Noiiz DNA to explore similar sounds on Noiiz



Where we go from here

Here are some ideas we have about how this can evolve in the future…


  • Give you the ability to tag and categorise your sounds
  • Give you tools to share sounds with people you are working with
  • Let you share sounds with the Noiiz community
  • Let you upload other types of files integral to your work


These are not fixed so please do send us any feedback you have about how the current feature works and how you’d like to see it grow in the future…


Join the discussion

Get in touch and let us know your thoughts. Some ways you can give feedback…



Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the new feature! ❤

Dave from Noiiz