Noiiz Secret Masterplan: Stage 1

Noiiz Secret Masterplan: Stage 1
1st November 2017 Dave Rose

I’m going to share with you some information about what we are building behind the scenes. Usually we keep this kind of thing behind closed doors, but this time we’ve decided to release this info and let you in on what we are up to. It’s a bit of an experiment, but we want you to have a say over what and how these new products work, so we’re giving it a shot!


Noiiz currently has a huge library of loops, sample packs and presets, kind of like a big bank of ideas, beginnings of music. We’ve built tools like Noiiz DNA and the Noiiz Plugin to enable these ideas to be explored in new ways, cutting out annoying fiddly steps and putting the focus back on being creative. But currently, these ideas are just that – ideas. Until you make them your own they can’t become a piece of music.


So the first part of our (not so) ‘Secret Masterplan’ is about enabling you to make content on Noiiz your own. This will take the form of two new software plugins, currently in the design and development phase. It’s part of our grander vision to develop a new, more musical way to create music with technology. If you are interested in helping shape what we build, you can join our Slack group and get involved in the discussion (please use your Noiiz account email to sign up.)




Noiiz Player

(in the development phase)




The Noiiz Player is a brand new sampler plugin, currently in development, that will bring multi-sampled virtual instruments to Noiiz! We’ve been hard at work sampling some incredible, weird and wonderful instruments, with the goal of building a vast library of playable instruments that are right there at your fingertips when you need them.




Noiiz Sampler

(in the design phase)



The Noiiz Sampler is a brand new plugin, currently in the design phase, that lets you easily browse content on Noiiz then sample, slice and manipulate it until it fits your needs. Turn drum loops into kits, chords into instruments, vocals into synths or sample full songs. We’ll be focusing heavily on creating a better workflow, cutting out unnecessary steps and making the most important features lightening quick so you can more easily make sounds your own. ⚡




Development timeline 🕰


If I’m honest, I was a little unsure about writing this post, because in the world of software unforeseen stuff often crops up and I didn’t want to build up expectations too much. But I also felt that it was important to share our vision with you and include you in the process…after all we are building this for you! So this post comes with a disclaimer: the above is not fixed, it’s the roadmap we are currently working from, but it’s liable to change and there are no guarantees that the final product will be the same as the designs above. If it does change, we’ll be completely open with you about why and hopefully it will be a change for the better. We’re going to keep blogging through the process, so you’ll have full transparency and we’re totally open to feedback at every step of the journey.


Hopefully you’re as excited about the next stage of Noiiz as we are! Drop me a message any time and me or one of the other Noiiz crew will be on the other end to discuss your thoughts, ideas and anything else you want to talk about.


See you soon! 😀