Our goals for 2018 🚀

Our goals for 2018 🚀
4th January 2018 Dave Rose

After an exhilarating first year of launching Noiiz and building a really awesome community of members, 2018 is set to be a genuine make or break year. We’ve got some seriously ambitious plans that we are working tirelessly on to make a reality and with your help, we think we can make it happen.


After revealing our Not So Secret Masterplan: Stage 1, I want to share a little more info about what we are aiming to do this year. It’s by no means a fixed plan, so please bear this in mind if things don’t go exactly as outlined below. But I want you to be included every step of the way because I truly believe it’s the only way to create something that is genuinely game changing. And that’s what we are trying to do. With that in mind…


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Software Apps

As you probably know, we’re already working on the Noiiz Sampler, which will let you browse sounds on Noiiz and elsewhere then make them your own by slicing, dicing, resampling and playing them live and the Noiiz Player, which will give you access to a growing library of virtual instruments and put a world of sound ready to play at your fingertips.


Beyond this, we have plans to develop a range of simple but insanely useful effects plugins. These, along with the Sampler and Player, will form the building blocks of something altogether new…


It is still in the design/concept phase, but we’re working on a new application that will give you an entirely new way to create music, powered by content from our Creators, new technology we have been developing and the Noiiz community.


We’ll release more details as they become available, but we’re extremely excited about where this might lead. There is a truly monumental task ahead of us, but together we think it’s possible. I firmly believe that making music can be enhanced with technology, but not at the expense of intuitive expression and creativity and I’m hoping that we can help make this more of a reality than it is today.



In 2018, we’re aiming to rapidly grow our content offering for members, which will take a few different forms. At the end of last year we were releasing around 2 sample packs a week, but we want to increase that considerably this year and are doubling down our efforts to make this happen.


Creator Content

We’re making a big investment in our Creators community and will be working with some exciting new artists, sound designers and musicians, with the aim of increasing the amount of releases and broadening the styles of content.


Noiiz Original Content

We’re bringing content creation in house and developing a range of super high quality, unique sample packs, instrument plugins, preset packs and more. We want as much feedback from you so please let us know your ideas and requests in our Slack channel.


New Types of Content

As we roll out new software tools, this will also enable us to develop new types of content, such as..

  • Virtual instruments for Noiiz Player
  • MIDI/groove templates
  • Drum kits
  • Noiiz Sampler presets
  • Effects plugin presets, impulse responses etc
  • Project templates



Something we have been wanting to prioritise for some time is to build more tools for you, the Noiiz community. We have some ideas about how we can enable more conversations, more collaboration and more sharing and again we want your feedback along the way.


We’re considering building an area on the Noiiz web app for you to invite collaborators, share content, get feedback and discuss ideas. There are a lot of moving parts so we’ll be rolling this out bit by bit, starting with the ability to upload your own sounds to Noiiz. More on this soon!



Right now, we’re not creating enough video content for you and we think we should do better. We’re aiming to produce more educational content about Noiiz and making music in general. It’s not as high a priority as content and software, but we’ll be doing our best to improve this going forward. Of course, it’s great when you lot do this for us so we’re always thankful when you send stuff in!




I hope you’re on board with us for this journey. It will probably be bumpy in parts, it’s certainly going to be exhausting at times but overall, I think it will be loads of fun. Here’s to 2018…let’s go! 🚀


Thanks for reading ❤

Dave from Noiiz