You are doing something incredible

You are doing something incredible
27th November 2019 Dave Rose

It’s easy to forget that making music is an incredibly positive thing to do.


You spend hours and hours in the pursuit of creating art that can make people feel happy and connect with themselves and each other. 


Sometimes you don’t always see how your music affects people, especially when it is being streamed on the other side of the planet by someone unknown to you.


But it’s important to remember that your music has the potential to reach out to people in powerful ways and even when you don’t always receive feedback directly, your effort and dedication is something to be proud of. 


Even if you make music just for yourself, you should feel good that being able to express yourself and connect with your own sound and your own emotions is something that can have a positive impact in your own life and people around you.


Every now and then, take a moment to remind yourself that you’re doing something awesome 😊